About us

Ramjet is a five-piece cover band based in Guelph, Ontario. Vocalist Stefan, lead guitarist Avery, bassist Brad, drummer Ray, and keyboardist Barb are always up for delivering a spirited performance of classic to more current rock. Driven by a strong vocal core and smoothly blended harmonies, the Ramjet sound is well rounded with a solid rhythm section, driving bass and drums, and dynamic guitar and keyboard solos, with further accents by harmonica and guitar talk-box!

Decades of performance experience and the dedication of the members to their craft result in a tight delivery, song after song. The performances are geared toward having a fun time, which ultimately means getting the crowd out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

Ramjet has regular gigs at the Tavern on Grange and the Red Chevron Club in Guelph. In addition, the band does weddings, Halloween and New Year's dances, and other special events. We would love it if you came out to our next gig and added your energy to the mix!

Avery Diebolt

lead guitar, back-up vocals

Stefan Rehm

lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica

Ray Hyde


Brad Mayes

bass guitar, back-up vocals

Barb Steed

keyboard, back-up vocals

Classic Rock and More